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Smarty Pans uses great care in tuning
and/or blending the drums of its customers.

Dave Tuning

We use Peterson Strobotuners to accurately tune each note to
A-440 so that you can play in tune with all other A-440 musical instruments.


Local/On Site Tuning

  • Tuning/blending fee is $180.00 per instrument for same day service.  Fees may be adjusted depending on the difficulty of the work involved and the condition of the instrument.
  • Please drop off or ship your instruments to our store: Dave's Island Instruments 4115 Los Coyotes Diagonal, Lakewood CA 90713
  • Smarty Pans will not be held liable for any shipping damages incurred before or after the tuning has been completed nor for any loss by fire or theft or for damage while the customers instrument(s) are in the possesion of Smarty Pans.

Tuning Terms

  • Smarty Pans will notify the customer when work has been completed.
  • Shipping arrangements and costs will be the sole responsibility of the customer, unless otherwise specified.
  • Smarty Pans will not be held liable for any damages or loss due to fire or theft that may occur while the customer’s property is in Smarty Pans possession.
  • Smarty Pans is not responsible for goods left over 30 days after services have been rendered and notice to pick up has been given.



Off site tuning = outside of a 5 mile radius of Lakewood, CA.


  • $750.00 minimum daily fee (including travel days to and from your location), plus travel expenses. 
  • Rental car, hotel, parking fees, gas, and airline expenses will be charged to the client.
  • It is best to coordinate tuning trips between January and March.


Contact us to coordinate tuning trips.